Dr Louise Younie


As a General Practitioner and Clinical Senior Lecturer I have been developing the field of creative enquiry in undergraduate medical education for over a decade, with an MSc and EdD in the field. The arts have been found an excellent vehicle for dialogue, reflection and engagement with lived experience, potentially facilitating transformative learning, practitioner development and human flourishing.

Last 2 years presentations and workshops:

Dr Louise Younie, Younie, L. The Encounter – Creative enquiry into clinical relationships and practices (invited), PRIME Annual Conference, 2019

Younie, L. ‘Enlarging human understanding through the arts’ (invited) MSc Creative Arts and Mental Health, 2019

Younie, L. ‘What can we learn with and through the arts?’ Workshop. SAPC, 2018

Younie, L. ‘Vulnerability, resilience and the arts’ (Invited) PRIME Annual Conference, 2018

Williamson, C., Scott, C., Gibbons, N., Thatcher, C., Pawsey, K., Younie, L. ‘How Can Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) Support People to Improve their Mental Health?’ English Shared Futures, Newcastle, 2017

Training Programme Director Symposium East Midlands, 2017 (invited) ‘What can we and our Trainees learn from the arts?’

Younie, L. ‘Arts-based inquiry, fostering resilience?’ Culture, Health and Wellbeing International conference, Bristol, 2017

Younie, L. ‘Resilience’. (Invited) PRIME Annual Conference, 2017


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A small selection of student creative-reflective work from medical students has been collated into a book available online http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/892992.